20.09.2009 - New Project

I am starting new project. And it is gonna be my -53 oval.

Umm... maybe its not time for this yet, but i was recently "just checking" the original colors available for -53 oval (back in the days that is...).
And the original color codes for -53 oval (March 1953 to January 1954) are:

L 42 - Black
L 35 - metallic blue
L 272 - sahara beige
L 73 - chestnut brown
L 19 - atlantic green
L11 - pastel green
... and only one to choose... Dammit!

Anyway i will try to write here a "story" for my self about this project.
I built earlier -57 oval "Inger" and the "story" is nice to read afterwards.

Our main site (rustyvw.org) has been updated recently (just a little facelift) and new posts will appear more often these days.
So feel free to visit there and see what else is going on!

25.09.2009 - Checking the body condition and disassembling parts

I started disassembling the parts out from the body.
Now everything must go off. Every damn bolt will be removed.

The body itself looks quite solid, except few usual spots which requires little attention before i can even bolt the body on the dolly.

For example: somebody changed the spare tire section. it is from 60's beetle and that MUST be replaced with the one that belongs to oval.
This is something i will have to start with...

Doodah was so kind that he promised to look for his archive for some parts for me thanx!

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01.10.2009 - Spare wheel section

This oval was in small accident earlier?

Spare wheel section was repaired with later model parts by previous owner of the car.
I want to make it as original as possible so i am gonna fix this with oval original parts.

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15.10.2009 - Cleansing the body (...to be continued)

Removing all the paint from body, again everyting must go!

Unfortunately i dont currently have possibilites for easyway (sandblasting or so...) so hardway it is!

Front lid had "only" 11 layers of paint (YES, eleven! *SIGH*) that was nice.. yeah right!
The body itself has only 1 layer on top of the original paint... which is nice and makes the job MUCH easier!

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05.11.2009 - Heartlights (...to be continued)

Fixing of the heartlights.

Only thing that i had for rear lights was the covers and brackets.
So it has been quite a difficulty to find the parts for these things.

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31.12.2009 - Body and Dolly (...to be continued)

The body was lifted on the dolly and is time to start the rust repairing.
And there is a lot of that!

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31.12.2009 - Collecting parts for -53 (...to be continued)

Here are some parts that i have managed to collect for -53.
The list is long and difficult to fullfill.

Here is short list what i am currently looking for (in case you would like to help me out):

- zwitter/-53 dome light
- rear side windows
- 53-55 vent windows
- zwitter/-53 ignition switch (2 positions)
- dome light switch (under dash)
- front lid vw-badge
- oval cabrio deck lid
- heart light chrome bessels
- 3-fold ragtop (clip or parts)
- window/door handles
- batwing steering wheel
- etc etc...

if you have someting for my oval please let me know: jonih (at) bboyzz.com

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12.11.2010 - Engine lid hinge replacement (...to be continued)

The engine lid was removed (by someone else) with a force. So now the hinges must be replaced

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13.11.2010 - Sandblasting and paint (...to be continued)

The fenders, enginelid, gas tank and fenders was sandblasted and now painted with base primer

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